“You Spot it, You Got It.” Mural (2900 24th Street, San Francisco,CA) by Ray Lobato April 2023

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DJRay all-vinyl sessions:
We can be like they are. We can be free
Metal For Ever
Lust for Life
God Knows I'm Good
Mixed Up, Together
Metal-to-Alt Pop
Drone Bliss
Voices In My Head
Dark and Blissful in Dust
Trip Hop 2 Punk
Gonna Sail Away, Head to the Other Side

Call me to vinyl DJ your next party! (415) 606-7170 Easy in, Easy out!

[To purchase artwork contact Ray Lobato at (415) 606-7170. Artist will locally deliver and install upon request.]

Ray Lobato is a California native, born on Route 66 in the Mojave Desert town of Barstow, CA. (Pop. 18,000) His home and studio are in San Francisco, California. (Pop. 900,000) since 1991. Mom and Dad were also born on Route 66, in New Mexico and Arizona respectively.

Ray has been drawing, painting, and building his artist portfolio since he was a kid. Since the beginning, he has honed his creativity into branding and graphic design. In 2003 he renovated a run-down San Francisco custom picture framing shop in the Tenderloin and reopened it and included an art gallery where he curated many successful art exhibits showcasing local artists as well as his own work.

"My work enlightens our collective soul. These paintings and drawings are healing. They are given to the world when I am in the creative zone. I am a grateful and humble channel of a truth that can be found in everyone of us." - Ray Lobato 2024

Ray is also a certified feng shui practitioner, balancing the energy (chi) in health, wealth and relationships.